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Penetrating damp will be considered as dampness that is not caused by rising damp and condensation. This will enable direct rain penetration, faulty rainwater goods, faulty plumbing and lateral penetration below D.P.C to be considered penetrating damp.

Rainwater penetration – One of the principal requirements of building design is temperate climate is that buildings should shed rain. But with age, plus wear and tear from the elements, defects begin to appear which allows rain to penetrate the structure

Wind – Can disrupt the fabric of the roof, it can carry leaves that block gutters and downpipes and it can drive rain into cracks and gaps around windows and doors

Frost – Both frost and ice can cause damage to pointing can spall the face of the bricks and leaving them porous and crack renders

Heat – The heat from the sun can cause blistering of felt roof fabric leading to penetration of rain, shrinkage of window and door frames away from brickwork and disturb sealants and allow later penetration of rain

Poor building practice – In the erection of extensions, garages, abutting walls, new windows and paths can add to the number of areas where rain penetration is likely

Poor maintenance – Is looking after the decoration and repainting of the outside fabric of a building can assist rain to penetrate

Ignorance – Ignorance of the damage caused by high flower beds, certain climbing plants, materials placed against walls, nails driven into walls to support clotheslines etc. Can lead households to unwittingly encourage rain penetration

Faulty Plumbing – Leaks in central heating systems, dripping stop valves, wastes of sinks/baths, etc can all cause water to penetrate the fabric of a building causing damp patches or rot. Continuous dripping from a cistern or overflow can cause ‘splash-up’ about D.P.C

Local damp patches inside buildings are often caused by water penetration from Faulty Rainwater Goods – Above groundwater is subject to gravity and pressure exerted by wind speed. Below groundwater is subject to the pressure created by its own weight (hydrostatic pressure) this pressure increased with depth in saturated grounds.

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